Be nice to yourself

I usually say that I am my worst critic — which in fact is my reality. I am getting to realize it is not something I should continue to say with ‘pride’ — perhaps its a dysfunction that I chose to accept and slowly learned to tout as a credential. I grew up criticizing myself way too much.

After two years away from my home country (24-hour flight apart), different jobs, lost friends,new friends (not as much)…. and all the changes I have been through in such a short time, I am beginning to realize, maybe I should be a little nicer to me. Or maybe, as one ages, you come to realize being your own cheerleader is a requirement for serving the best of yourself to the world.

More concretely, I am learning to live in the consciousness that God loves me unconditionally, period! Sometimes, actually oftentimes, it involves that I remind myself, in short statements, under my breathe sometimes — “God loves you still, He has got you, smile”.

Be nice to yourself ..practice kindness on yourself, be your love ‘guinea pig’. At the end of the day, you cannot give what you have not received. Practice the consciousness of receiving God’s love daily — accept it; He made you worth it.

Be nice to yourself…it is the one human you cannot get away from.