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I love Medium, I really do, I use it every day to stay in touch with what’s happening in an industry I love and have dedicated the last 6 years of my life towards; Tech & Design.

I’m a big fan of the morning email they send me everyday too, exactly at 8am, when I’m standing in a platform waiting for the tube in Liverpool Street Station, London. It’s like they’ve figured me out and know that it is the best single moment of my day to read a couple of articles. Plus the articles they share with me are most of the time of interest and relevant. …

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Questions like; “is it worth me staying here?” “Is it worth me doing what I’m doing?” “Am I in the right track?” “Could I be wasting my time?” Are worth asking yourself from time to time to keep sane, focused and to keep your feet on the ground. Reality check” — some would say.

But if you’re asking yourself these questions too many times a month you might be suffering with “fear of missing out”. It may be that you’re already in the best situation possible. At the right place and at the right time, but your fear of missing out is blurring the vision ahead. You’re flying blind. Think about it this way, it’s close to impossible for you to know the exact outcome for most situations, there are so many variables in play that most of the time, events take courses that end up leaving you in completely unknown and unexplored places of your soul. …

My name is Estie Carrillo, I’ve been leading Design at a fast growing start up in London for a year. Hiring, Managing, Prototyping, Interface designing, Branding, Incorporating motion, you name it. Below are some of the gems I’ve picked up along the way.

This is my first article ever. I haven’t written anything longer than a shopping list in a while. Rather than telling you what you should or shouldn’t do, I’d like to share what we‘ve done and what’s working for us. Take home what you wish.

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We killed our boss.

Being a boss is what’s normal, it’s in the job spec of a managerial role. Well we scratched the word boss and replaced it with coach. I’m my Designers’ coach. Let me elaborate on that; a boss sits on top of the team, relaxes and lets the team carry them and the company. A coach pushes the team forward, trains them, looks after them, set goals, knows their players strengths and weaknesses, and brings them in and out of the “game” accordingly and whenever needed. …


Estie Carrillo

Design at Facebook・

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