Hi Estie, I had the same problem when I wanted to read more than one article from the digest email…
Jialin Yun

Hi Jialin! Thanks for your response. I’m happy to find out that at least someone else ecountered the same problem and I’m not alone on this : )

After the article came out, (As mere coincidence) Medium started delivering me the same articles on the email and on the “Home” tab in the app, so that made the back and forth between email and app irrelevant, now I just open the app without looking at the email. — they still don’t cache images though but it’s an improvement.

This solution was part of a 2 stage improvement to the “digest” UX:

1st stage; cache articles I selected from the email (rarely 11 out of 11, by my own experience but I’m most likely biased on this).

2nd stage; an in-app UI where users pick which articles they want to read and they cache with images.

Would you like something like that to be available? I definitely would : )

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