Little League Announces LLWS Will Move to New $400 Million Stadium in Los Angeles

Oh no — little league baseball has gone corporate. What a waste. The whole purpose of little league has been sold out for the greed of the few that run the league. No more family orientated event. Get used to the $5 hot dog and don’t dare let your kids get a few feet away from you. The event will no longer be affordable to many. I am surprised that they have not announced parking and admission fees yet? And the kids (oops, players) will have to place advertisements on their uniforms. Even major league baseball does not allow that. I doubt if you even hear about little league in a few years. I certainly would not be watching it. I do not like the new message being sent. The little league management should be ashamed of themselves. They are not as they could care less about what we think.

It was fun while it lasted.

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