Climate change: A myth?

Noor Fazilah Binti Ahmad Saini writes

What do you think about this topic? In your opinion did you agree with it or it’s that truly facts which entire living things on the earth are facing right now? Topic regarding the climate change nowadays becomes hot topic to be debate weather among scientist or public. There some people believe it as the myth but some people defend it as fact that we as a human facing right now.

In my opinion, climate change is not a myth. Firstly we should understand that this climate change did not occur at each country in this world, only some place will face the problems. As we can observe nowadays, only a couple of place experience the storm, flood, and rising of temperature are happening in Malaysia. All of that, it’s only what we can see at Malaysia, how about others country? Some country are facing rising of sea level, prolonged drought, Arctic and Antarctic are the most effected by the climate change event with the problems of shrinkage of the glaciers. If these problems continue what will happen to those so-cute-white-fur polar bear and bird-who-not-fly penguin? It’s their playground and home still there? Some people think it’s not their issues to take care because they believed that they don’t doing anything wrong. As we know, human activities are one of the causes to of the climate change other than natural activities. The greenhouse gases that were released from human activities such as fossil fuel burning, carbon release from vehicles such as aircraft to the atmosphere make the climate change event happen faster than it should be, plus with the higher concentration of all those greenhouse gases at the atmosphere. Besides that, greenhouse gases can increase the earth temperature by trapping the heat at the troposphere where can affect the evaporation rate, wind and current. We as the human being that lived on this earth should concern what happened to our earth that we lived. We should not pointing to other but be responsible in any activities that we doing.

Therefore the strategies should be applied to deal with climate change event. Mitigation and adaptation one of the best strategies can be apply. Mitigation to the climate change involves the action of lowering the level of greenhouse gases by decrease depends on energy comes from fossil fuels and moves to energy that free from releasing greenhouse gases. Other than that, planting of tree rather than cut the tree can be applied. So the carbon can be absorbed by the tree that we plant then reduce the level of greenhouse gases. Adaptation to the climate change involve the relocation to the higher area to the people that facing rising of water level. Other is the new invention in development technology where it able to overcome the problems. Lastly, the information on the climate change can be get anywhere on the tips of our it’s our responsible to get know about it.

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