Economy vs Environment

Nur Sabrina writes

The environment has undergone several modifications since the beginning of human occupation yet, only the rate of change is found to be increased in accordance with the current time. Every country compete to prepare their economic systems to ensure the country strong in the eyes of the world. The situation is unavoidable, it is because the economic system is viewed as critical for the stability of a nation. With strong economic power, a country can rise by leaps and bounds and standard of livelihood can be bettered. The evolution was carried on without considering the berth of the environment. Uncontrolled development causes pollution to the surroundings. This affected human health, biodiversity and natural resources. To overpower this trouble, the economic activities and environmental care must be well handled and poised.

Still, there are people who only favors the economy without sensitivity to the environmental shock. From there, money is everything. Without money they could not survive. They release smoke and gaseous from their factories with arbitrary. They vomit out toxic waste from their factories into river crystal clear waters. They cut trees and dense forest with arbitrarily in order to meet their needs. For example, if we look at the founts of the press there are qualities that were focused only for the economy but for environmental events is non useable. See how we put the economy as the main thing against the environment.

Try to think for a moment, if one day we wake up and felt difficult to breathe because the air has been polluted by the factory smoke that has been released without control. When we are thirsty, there is no adequate provision of fresh water and the only thing left is the rivers that have shifted the face. The atmospheric condition is hot enough to overwhelm us because there is no help from shady trees as shelter. Then do we realize how precious environment. From there we will start to think, should we sacrifice the environment for the sake of increasing the economic organization? Does not a good environment will result in a more honorable life? Are the needs of the economy exceeding than the needs of the environment?

However, I’m not saying that we should ignore the economy to protect the environment because it is not a wise action. But with the better economy, we are able to eradicate existing pollution problems. The economy is important to ensure that new technologies can be created. With this new technology, we will be able to cut down and solve the problem of pollution in the hereafter

The kinship between the economy and the environment are like an egg and chicken. We don’t know which comes first and which one should we sustain. Both of them possess their own advantages. They were mutually dependent and supporting each other. Hence, both of them must be developed on balanced manner. A good management can avoid the problem of pollution from worse.

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