Hybrid car is cleaner?

Nor Adila Mazlan writes

What exactly does hybrid mean? A hybrid means car which is uses two engines that combine the power and longevity of a piston with the electric motor from the zero emission. The car at lower speeds is electric engine power and a higher speed is gas engine power. For example, Toyota Prius and Civic Hybrid conserve fuel and CO2 emissions. Even though hybrid cars is now commonly used but still few people are actually had lack of knowledge on how hybrid cars work. Many cities nowadays are switching their public transportation to hybrid cars and use buses as a program to become more responsible to environment. This can defined a hybrid car is best which has an engine that can be switching between a fossil fuel and an alternate source which is electric.

The advantages of having hybrid car are it is more environmentally friendly which better gas mileage and run cleaner. Hybrid car is also easy to affordable. Furthermore, the hybrid car is much cleaner and it requires less fossil fuel to run that means low production of emissions of fossil fuel. Besides, it has regenerative braking system that will helps to recharge the battery and hybrid car made up from lighter material which less energy required to run. The other advantage that not seen directly is on how having and driving a hybrid car that can impacts the environment and also reduce the dependence on fossil fuel and will lowers the carbon imprint on the environment.

The disadvantages are depends on what type of hybrid fuel that the car is uses. One of the disadvantages of a hybrid car are it is less power as it is suited for drive in city and not for speeding and acceleration. Next, it also can be expensive compare to the regular petrol cars. Furthermore, hybrid car need higher maintenance costs. The other disadvantage is the presence of high voltage in batteries of the hybrid car. For example, if someone involved in an accident, the batteries that has the high voltage can prove lethal. There will have high chance to get electrocuted which can make the difficulty to rescuer the victims out of the car.

To decide whether it is suitable or not to have a hybrid car is just desirable more than environmental friendly. There are more that can we do to reduce the effect on the environment. The most important considerations are on how you drive. Besides, you can use the public transportation, carpooling and even by riding a bicycle. By wisely planning on using car more effectively also can lessen the number of trips you are making in each week. It is better if we drive less because its good for environment even it hybrid of not.

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