Hydrocarbon as new refrigerant

Patheebaa writes

Every move performs reaction. Now time to define the answer when the question is the hydrocarbon as new refrigerant. Findings have indicated that it is not a new technology as hydrocarbon refrigerants were introduced since 1867. Hydrocarbon is a replacement for chlorofluorocarbon refrigerants and also for HFC and HCFC refrigerants gases in refrigeration industries. Scientific procedures have determined hydrocarbon refrigerants are reasonable, non-toxic and considered to contribute zero ozone depletion potential. Hydrocarbon refrigerants are non-threatening towards the environment as well as save up energy charges around 36%. Refrigerants technologies are most used in air conditioning systems. Basically 60% of buildings’ total energy consumptions are accounted for cooling conditions in indoor thermal comfort use. By refashioning old technology to new one; that is implementation of hydrocarbon refrigerants are realized substantial energy savings because they appear to be 50% more competent conductors of heat energy compared to the old fluorocarbon refrigerants. In addition their operational forces are just about 20% lesser than fluorocarbon refrigerants. It is also very cheap to purchase and very demanding economically due to lower operational costs.

Hydrocarbon refrigerants technology is very renowned among Europeans commercial and domestic refrigeration gadgetry manufacturers. While, in Asia, approximately 11,000 refrigerators are produced in a day using hydrocarbon refrigerants where China is declared as the biggest refrigerator manufactures because the usage of hydrocarbon refrigerants are accounted about more than 80 %. However the characterization of hydrocarbon is quite sensitive because of its high flammable concentration. Nevertheless, there are comprehensive safety guidelines established to prevent any hazard occurring during its applications.

Well-versed technicians and engineers should be assigned to ensure adequate contour mitigation to control health and safety risks whenever the hydrocarbon refrigerants “Green freeze” technology is used. Consequently, hydrocarbon refrigerants are appraised as most notable advancement in energy saving refrigeration and air conditioning system in this century, thus this technology if advanced further can help to protect the environment for its contributive efficiency and should be promoted effectively and responsibly.

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