I don`t understand the environment!

Wan Nor Amalina writes

Environment? What is it? Most of us always misunderstand about the real world of environment. They always relate environment with the garbage, waste and others. Don`t you think environmental field is one of the important aspect that we need to understand and apply in daily life?

I admitted that different groups of people in different areas and expertise express in different ways. Social scientist, chemist, biologist, education and non-education people always have their own expression and idea on environment. Environmentalist can be the right person that can express the idea of environment on the whole aspects. Environment is the combination of all aspect such as social, biological, chemical, economical and anything in the surrounding that related on earth and need to be sustained and conserved. Natural and man-made environment are the type of environment. Natural environment include air, water, noise, living space and others while man-made environment deals with human and work interaction, technology, transportation, urbanization and so on.

Talking about the deforestation, flood, pollution, contamination and the latest news is earthquake disasters occur in Nepal, has killed a lot of people. Why it happens and the impact after the incident. Of course as citizen we do not know that. Everything has been provided in media. Sometimes, without further research we always make our own assumptions. Assumption does not mean it is true, sometimes it will be wrong without any proof and justification. Thus, anything happen whether we realise or not has relationship between human and environment.

But do we realise that, talking without any action it does not mean anything. People nowadays expert talking topic related to environment. However, they did not apply it on their routine life instead of recommended to others. That is the major problems, the power of talk is much important than action plan. If we do not understand the real meaning of environment in deep, at least try to be person that is really care and love our environment from our action n behaviour. Try to avoid cliché word as I do not understand environment, I really do not know that.., to describe environment. We, as human depend on it so much as environment depends on us. Hence, let`s sit together and try to play an important part to make sure our environment still can be conserved for future seeks of next generation.

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