Oil is cheaper than water

Nur Amalina Mohamad writes

“I live in the country where oil is cheaper than water”. This statement is referring to the state of Malaysia. Malay Mail online report that the price of 500ml bottle of RON97 petrol was 20cent to 50cent cheaper, meanwhile the price selling of Spritzer mineral bottle is RM1 per 500ml.This is prohibitive, might be because of well-known brand, and also the mineral bottle is much healthier and tastier than tap water that makes it expensive.

The price of crude oil has decline since June 2014. The stagnating economic growth in some country censured the falling oil price. The lower inflation is one of the reasons the occurrence of falling price of oil.

Sources by Malay Mail, Muslims Consumers Association of Malaysian (PPIM) state that consumers might as well drink petrol instead of water now that fuel prices have dropped. It turns out that oil was cheaper than many of the worlds’ popular liquid even when it peaked in June 2014. Bottled water has indeed held its value while crude has declined from its mid-year 2014 peak. The manufacturing of water bottles takes about 17 million barrels of oil a year. The bottled water product claims to have more portion than the earth’s wastes and declares to be affecting the millieu. If one year taken as same duration, the quantity of oil used can replace one million car, in equivalent with bottles’ worth and producing the bottles consume more water than the final products of bottled water after filling it.

Substantively, the bottled water cannot be friendly milieu as tap water. Bottled water is more expensive than tap water because they need to go further treatment before commercializing. According to U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the bottled water need to follow the requirement the standardized needed which are labelling, packaging, and also include the specific FDA quality standards contamination. This is showed why bottled water is expensive, but still many people prefer bottled water instead of tap water because of cleanliness, tasty, and healthy. In China, the availability of clean drinking water is failing and they use bottled water as safe alternative.

Water is infinitely more crucial than oil. Sure we have fuels, plastic and all kind sources from petroleum, but we can certainly survive without it. Water does give life because we need 70% of water to survive. Water shortage will give greater ruin than peak oil. Declining water supplier are a big mess to businesses than oil running out. It is most needed seems it is use in many application such as manufacturing. Nowadays, water becomes critical resources even more crucial than oil. The epoch of inexpensive and accessibility to water is about to end and become big menace to business than loss of any other natural resources upon seems that there a lot of way for discovering oil but for many industrial processes, and the survival of human itself, the water cannot be substituted.

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