Plastic- New Aquatic Problem of Ocean

Maisarah Mazalan writes

Would you remember what happened in Malaysia on March 8th 2014? YES! The missing of a Malaysian Airlines Flight (MAS) 370. So from that time, many rescue team did desperate searching to find any clues that can be related to that flight. They had found many objects that floated in the ocean by using sattelite . Unfortunately, there were only debris that floated in our ocean and it not belong to MAS 370 at all. So from that incident, would you say that our ocean are clean enough? Yes or no? Yes? Better you are keep reading this article if you said so.

For your information about eight hundreds millions tons of plastic dumped into the ocean every year. Believe or not it can cover 34 times the area of Manhattan if you are spread it out. It so much plastic that exist in our ocean. But how these plastic enter the ocean easily? It because of us. Human and plastic cannot be separated because plastic bags or bottles nowadays is the important things in our daily life. Why? So look at your surrounding. Is there any plastic bags or bottle there? So that is why the plastic debris are abundant in the ocean. As you can see along the beach, there are some plastics and of course it can enter the ocean by wave. People that always flush plastic into the toilet bowl and this can cause the plastic go to the sea. Actually there are many ways how the plastic will enter the ocean.

Absolutely, these plastic debris give impact to the our environment and ecosystem. For example, have you ever know what kind of food that turtle eat? The answers is jellyfish. So if the plastic bags are floated in the ocean of course it look like a jellyfish and can attract turtle to eat it. The plastic bags can block within their digestive system and eventual death. Not only for turtle but fishes also mistake plastic as a food. As a result, plastic toxins end up in fish and automatically which end up inside our bodies. With only plastic debris can give adverse effects on living things. These are example the impact of plastic debris in the ocean into the marine creatures and actually there is a lot effects if you read it out or google it.

What can we do:-

1. Look for an alternatives materials like paper bags and avoid excessive packaging.

2. 3R which means reduce, reuse and recycle. Anyting that can be reduce, reuse or recycle should be done

3. Educate people and increase the awareness about the marine pollution.

I hope its can give you some ideas about how serious it is. There are many information out there. It is depend whether you are care or not.

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