What is the Cost every time you breathe?

Nurul Asyikiin writes

Have you ever wondered that one day we to have to pay for the oxygen we inhale every second of our life? Can you imagine you have to buy the oxygen out of the store like you buy the water bottle to drink? This may sound insane but nothing is impossible.

In United Kingdom for instance, they already make people ‘pay to breathe’ by taxing the air by having the Air Tariff Control System. By taxing the air, they will have fund to control the air quality that we breathe. What happen to the air quality?

Global warming, climate change, pollutions, ozone layer depletion, acid rains and many more you name it. These are all environmental problems that we are facing now. These entire problems happened due to human activities. Do these problems affect our air quality? For sure it does. Air is an essential need to all living things in this world. Without air, not only human, plants and animals cannot survive.

Air pollution is one of the environmental problems that will affect the air quality. Air pollution mainly occurs from human activities for example smoke from factories and cars, open burning and many more that release to the open air and make human, plants and animals facing difficulties to take breaths because the air is dirty . These are the major sources that we can identify and see the effect towards the air quality. From small perspective like smoke from cigarette, does it affect the air quality? Yes it does, especially to the people surrounding who have to cover their nose to breathe.

To encounter these problems, we have to take good care of our environment. We can start from home by educate our children including ourselves to save the environment. For example, we can use public transport or car pooling to reduce the car emission. Other than that, we can try to adopt the concept of 3R; reduce, reuse and recycle at home and workplace. We cannot rely on the government only or other people but we have to accomplish this together for the sake of the future generation.