2016 in Review

What have we learned:

  1. That party affiliation matters over all else in US politics. The two main parties can literally put anyone as their candidate and millions of people will take the time to vote for them. We saw 120+ million do just this in the recent elections. Trump and Hillary were literally the most disliked and unsupported candidates in history. Yet, millions still went out and voted for them.
  2. That mainstream media is feeling threatened from alternative media sources. We have seen a huge campaign against “fake news” recently. Basically, the MSM is labeling all alternative media sources as “fake news.” Sort of like how the Bush administration labeled all opposition “terrorism.” Yes, there is fake news out there and yes it can have an impact on peoples’ perspectives but this fake news is pushed by both the alternative media and the mainstream media.
  3. That the 1% can still get away with orchestrating wars for power and profit: Syria.
  4. That “people power” works and can make a big impact: South Korea and DAPL.
  5. Wikileaks clearly showed just flawed the US elections really are.
  6. That renewable energy sources are beginning to emerge as real power players in the energy sector.
  7. We can no longer depend on governments, organizations, and companies to protect the environment. It will be up to the people. Crowdfunded conservation and campaigns will be the protector of countless acres of land.
  8. The mainstream media ignored the crisis in West Papua (yet another year).
  9. Governments in the US and Canada are willing to arrest and abuse their citizens that stand in the way of corporate profits (various pipeline projects).
  10. We are learning much more about the quantum and nano world.

Not all bad, not all good. It was quite the year though. On to a productive and memorable 2017?

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