Taking Back Our Society

Change takes time but it is possible. As we can all see, we are in a rapidly changing world. It is changing in many ways, some good and some horrible.

It is becoming more and more known that our social structures and institutions are built on greed and corruption (largely because of complacency and inaction by the masses). It is becoming clear who the drivers of this corruption are. Names are coming to light. They can no longer depend on the ignorance of the masses. Information is being shared at a rate like never before.

It took many years, centuries even, for this corrupt to take deep roots like it has. So, it will take years to abolish this corruption. Only with informed, organized, and united efforts can we efficiently and effectively abolish this corruption. As we have seen with the DAPL construction, the government will defend corporate interests over the general population. 2017 has to be a year of peaceful and organized boycotts, protests, and awareness campaigns.

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