Where Do We See Ourselves in 50 Years?

Thinking ahead

Do you ever think about the future? I am sure that most of us do. I am talking about in terms of a global scale. Do you ever stop to think about the state of humanity in 2050 and beyond? 2100? 2500? Some of those years may seem far off but in the grand scheme of things they will be here before humankind knows it. Do you ever think about what humans will be saying about us in the year 2500?

As of now, we have 1 billion people living in hunger on our planet. We continue to allow wealth and power to be funneled to the hands of a few (and I mean just 100–1,000 individuals). We are polluting most every ecosystem we can come in contact with. But we are also innovative as hell.

As access to education is rising around the world we are seeing just how creative, innovative, and caring humankind really is. I am intrigued by the future to say the least. We must think ahead though. We have to stop planning for the short-term. Our plans for our food systems, our city designs, our education systems, our energy grids, and our governing bodies must all take into account the changes and possible changes of the next 50 years.

We must move on past our present models. With automated tech, the beginning of the robot era, us deep into the age of information, and the rise in human population we have quite the situation to address. The general population will be the ones to appropriately address these issues, not the rich. It is time we left the 1% behind and divested from their system, it has failed us for much too long.

Again, we must think a head. We must think of the future and plan accordingly. Planning for 2025 is no longer viable. We must look to 2050 and beyond and consider what changes are to come.