Cloud Computing in Switzerland — The Journey to the Cloud

Cloud Computing in Switzerland means that instead of buying, renting the components (and services) you need for the organization’s server (software, infrastructure, storage, capacity and expertise). Usually with huge cost savings in both the short and long term.

Estnoc as cloud integrator

With extensive experience in system integration of IT environments and Reliable Cloud Provider in Switzerland, we know there are many questions, challenges and concerns facing the introduction of IT as a service or cloud services into their business.

Do we have a strategy? What laws and regulations affect us in the use of cloud services? Where do we store data? Are we locked into this solution or can we change or scale up without any problems? Can we combine our own cloud with public cloud or a private cloud?

There is much to think about and need someone to talk to for advice has never been greater.

Many out there are eager to evaluate cloud and IT as a Service, or have already started using Reliable Cloud Provider in Switzerland services, but few have an elaborate strategy and get a picture of how, in that case, do to implement the establishment of, for example, a cloud service. The problem is many times that people who regular times do not work together suddenly have to work together and get along. Typical issues tend to be who is doing what, when we are doing what, how do we do, in what order do we do, what we start with, how we develop relevant specification, affected our staff, what do we do with existing IT, how we evaluate alternatives and how we ensure the whole?

Do you want to review your cloud strategy a bit more on deep so is a cloud workshop is an excellent first step in developing your unique requirements when choosing a secure IT services whether in networking, security, cloud operation, unified communications or applications. Learn more about our cloud workshop.

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