What is Cloud Computing (Cloud Computing)?

The term Cloud computing in Switzerland (Cloud Computing), as well as other “cloud” term appeared due to the fact that the old block diagrams designated Internet in the form of clouds. However, while the function of the cloud has been a transmission of data over long distances. As Internet speeds increase, it is possible to place in the “cloud” computing resources — that is, remote servers (and, in particular, to rent computing power from third-party providers). Then there was the concept of Cloud Computing — use of the Internet as a source of computing resources.

With virtualization technology became possible combining multiple web servers in a single cluster with virtually unlimited capacity. In addition to high reliability, such clusters allows to optimize the load on each server, and thus significantly reduce the cost of computing resources.

Low cost, high Reliable cloud provider in Switzerland and outsourcing of IT infrastructure support tasks — these are the factors that are key to the rapid success of cloud technologies.

The company buys the computer resources (server) and a virtualization technology combines them into a “cloud”. In this economic effect is achieved by optimizing the load on each server. However, this effect is not comparable to the embodiment of the computer resources lease from a third party provider.

But by building your own private cloud, the company can easily migrate their IT infrastructure to third-party cloud platform.

Below you will find some interesting news that will help you better understand what is cloud computing.

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