If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

Not buying this dystopian scenario. There may be the traffic on the Trump sub-Reddit & Alex Jones may be more popular than another right wing idiot talk show host, but the collusion it would take for farmers & ranchers to impact the country is fantasy. You could probably find enough rural anti-govt/anti-establishment freaks to take over a federally owned outpost again, but, as a rural citizen firmly planted on the Midwest/southern boundary, I don’t see any evidence that people or my fellow farmers are willing to revolt on this scale. I think it’s important to distinguish the faction of the silent minority that has the power to impact the economy AND also buys into the conspiracy bullshit AND feels disenfranchised enough to band together in some 21st century revolt ala the confederacy. I heard the same shit speculated back in the tea bag days. Wouldn’t happen nor would it succeed if it did. It’s just another fun fantasy for those stockpiling end-timers.

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