Co-leaders from left to right: Björn Dederichs, Volker von Seggern, Conny Kinateder, Michael Krenkler, Christian Geldmacher, and Dina Glatzel

By Esther Blankenship, SAP

In the television sitcoms of the 1960’s and 70’s, the father went off to his 9 to 5 job in a suit while the mother busied herself at home. Today, video on-demand and the widespread incorporation of women in the workforce have left their mark on what we watch and how we work.

A positive consequence of today’s workforce diversification is the rise of new models that benefit everyone: remote work, part-time employment, job rotation, and co-management…

As artificial intelligence grows more prevalent, designers need to be able to talk the talk

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As artificial intelligence creeps into ever more aspects of the things we design, user experience professionals should be able to confidently follow and discuss the big tech advances of our times. These are not just dry terms for developers; they are at the core of important debates about the future of humanity.

Although most of you probably know by now what A.I. is, if pressed to define it, what would you say? That’s harder. And you’ve heard the term “algorithm,” but what is it, really? And could you explain what the difference is between narrow and general A.I.? Or how…

Its huge scale and far-reaching impact make it the ultimate challenge

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In 2005, YouTube was born, Google had just acquired Android, Yahoo was a popular search engine, and there was no Netflix, Twitter, or Spotify. In that same year, I was asked to build up and manage my first visual design team. In those still formative years of the internet and modern user experience (UX), it was unusual — at least in Europe — to find a visual designer trained in human-computer interaction.

So, I hired what I could find: talented graphic designers, most of whom had experience creating work for print and the web, but who had no idea about…

SAP Fiori has come a long way since its introduction to the marketplace over half a decade ago. Because of this journey, there are some misconceptions out there about what SAP Fiori is exactly. When we talk today about SAP Fiori today, we are referring to a comprehensive design system for enterprise software.

SAP Fiori provides a set of components and patterns that can be reused in different combinations and includes descriptions and guidance regarding usage, visual design, copy, tone of voice and how to integrate into the product portfolio. …

When you think of southern Spain, you probably think hot and dry. Although that is mostly accurate, the watery marches of the lower Guadalquivir river are in fact home to the largest rice fields on the Iberian Peninsula. Not only is its cultivation an engine of the local economy, the area, which borders on the Doñana nature reserve, is also a popular weekend destination for nearby urbanites in search of rural respite. It is here that you can find Casa Paco, a charming country restaurant with local cuisine and an extensive, shady patio. And it is where my family and…

One of the challenges of storytelling is to make the abstract more interesting, more personal, more real. There are many ways to make a story connect: some are traditional, whereas others are unorthodox.

The designers, hackers, engineers, film makers, architects, and business developers at ART+COM tell stories, but in a less traditional way. By transforming complex content that engages viewers emotionally, the teams might use lasers, virtual reality, pullies, mirrors, hydraulics, audio, electronics, code or whatever other technological means they need. At the forefront of the spectacular media installations and spaces, however, is the story they want to tell.


Big-budget, technically sophisticated video games like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon and Just Dance have made Ubisoft one of the largest publicly-traded game companies in the world. But what does high-action, blockbuster fun have to do with SAP?

A big SAP Design Talk

Matthew Tomkinson, UX Director at Ubisoft, was the latest guest to give an SAP Design Talk at our headquarters in Walldorf, Germany. Hundreds of SAP employees joined the livestream and over 850 more piled into the cafeteria in building 20 to watch in person. …

What car will you want five years from today? If you’re not sure, that’s ok; it’s not your job to predict the future. But it is the job of car designers. As director of Digital Design & Design Beyond the Car at Daimler, Klaus Frenzel and his team research about, speculate on, and design for the next generation of mobility. …

Can you think of a product that more people on the planet know than Coca-Cola? The famous script logo and contour-shaped iconic bottle are so well known that one might even wonder if they need a design department at all! But the reality is, design is central to the Coca-Cola Company, not only for their flagship soft drink, but also for the hundreds of other brands across their portfolio.

Watching a Cirque du Soleil® performance, even a short clip on a smartphone screen, is simply magical. How do they “wow” viewers over and over again? Speaking in Walldorf, Germany at the latest SAP Design Talk, Boris Verkhovsky, Director of Design and Performance Development, maintained that, “At Cirque du Soleil ‘wow’ is the benchmark for every decision about the customer experience.”

With over 4,000 employees, Cirque du Soleil is the largest theatrical producer in the world and widely credited with reinventing the circus industry. The company is a creative force that has set a new benchmark for circus performances.


Esther Blankenship

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