These walls are not just bricks and mortar. These floors are not just carpet, The windows are not just glass and the doors are not just wood.

This house was a home and it was the heart of our family.

These walls have embraced our family as we grew from 3 to 6. They witnessed birth and growing up. They saw us learn and grow together. They saw us fail and try again.

They saw the tears and laughter, cries and smiles but all along the way ,throughout the sleepless nights , endless days and busy weeks there was always love. So much love that only grew, And when we thought it couldn’t not grow any more, it grew to hieghts we thought unreachable.

These walls saw sharing and caring . These walls saw shabbos & yomtov and the joy that greeted them.

These floors held dancing. They held happiness and fun. We danced for shabbos, We danced for chanukah, we danced for pesach and we danced just because .

They held babies first steps and they held our grandfather’s last days .

These floors held more people than they were made to hold. They held friendships and company . They held new life as it came into this world .

These doors opened and accepted . They opened so wide to welcome and stayed open for as long as needed.

Through this door they went to their first days of school and through this door they came home to arms open wide.

Through this door we went off on holidays excited for the adventures and back through this door happy to be home.

Guests came in hungry and left full . People came in lonely and left with friends.

I sit here as the house is being emptied, the rooms start to echo but I know there are even better memories to be made in our new home with even more space for more friends, more guests and definitly loads more challah.

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