How to Be Enough
Todd Brison

Great timing on this, Todd. Here’s what I jotted on a scrap of paper this week:

So what if this time — all of it — wherever I am — busy, bored, flexible, sensitive sad, stressed, emotional, overeating, underperforming, feeling guilty. What if all of this was simply part of who I am and completely okay. What if it’s all simply part of being genuinely human.

What if this is the way it’s supposed to be - the messiness, the uncertainty, the uneven-ness and the chaos — and that this is simply life, unfolding, with your various parts in it, tumbling along, as you strap yourself in for the ride. And, critically, what if all of these parts of you were meant to be valued, upheld, respected, honored and…


Because each one, like it or not, teaches us something about being alive. And you are allowed to have all of those things inhabit you — regardless of whether they’re “efficient”, “a waste of time”, “unseemly”, “embarrassing”, “not appropriate”, “not grown up or mature enough”. Once you allow them to be, unjudged, then you can decide what you want to keep and what doesn’t suit you. Or keep them all — but accept their presence and find a way to make an honest peace with each one.

It seems to boil down to saying to hell with not being enough — and allowing yourself — flaws and all — to just live.

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