3. They’ll offer you a cup of tea.

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Dayana is the exact definition of a great friend. I met her two years ago in my room.

Yes, exactly in my room. We have been living together on 15 square meters for more than one year in an odd student dormitory. And despite it, we became very close friends.

From unexpected karaoke parties to the longest breakfasts of my life, we’ve shared many great moments. Even though we only know each other for around 2 years, we already moved out three times and lived together in 4 different places.

My friendship with Dayana is the most balanced relationship I’ve ever had, and I’m so grateful for having her in my life. So let me introduce her qualities to you. …

Snoop Dogg creates “small bubbles and a big impact” with SodaStream

“I don’t need to start a nature relief fund to save the planet from plastic waste. I simply enjoy fresh sparkling water with a nearly extinct friend. Think small, baby…”- Snoop Dogg and an animated sea turtle

To end the year on a high note, SodaStream launched an epic marketing campaign with Snoop Dogg on the board. The short, one-minute long video is not just convincing and genuinely funny but also serves a higher purpose. Namely, admiring the little things in life, and fighting plastic waste.

In the campaign, Snoop Dogg speaks to us from his Christmas residence about the importance of the small things. As the scene reveals itself, we get to know the hip-hop legend’s plans for Christmas 2020. He’s not planning a big party, he’ll just celebrate with his family at home — and bake some sort of gingerbread cookies. Lastly, he talks about sustainability and unpacks the most important message of the campaign with his new friend, a talking sea turtle. …

Kristina Webb, a 25 years old artist is rocking it.

Marketing has an insane lot to do with social media. Freelancers, artists, entrepreneurs are putting themselves out there to show the world what they have to offer. In order to be, and to remain successful in our digital era, one has to maintain a continuous social media presence. And let’s just be honest with ourselves, it is very exhausting.

Where is the balance between work and life, when our work is just a click away from ourselves? How can we maintain customer satisfaction and keep our own lives balanced at the same time? How can we keep creating like machines and never burn out? …

It’s a combination of creativity and caring

As working from home became the new normal due to the pandemic, a business opportunity arose in a quite unique field. A new category, working from home clothing, has appeared after the first lockdown back in spring. Unexpected situations require creative solutions, and undoubtedly, the market reacted quickly to satisfy this exceptional consumer need.

Apparel brands — and surprisingly also a Swedish bank — have found some interesting solutions to market their new, teleworking collections or to ease the challenging situation of the pandemic crisis with a pinch of humor.

Prisma: Telcollection

Prisma, a leading Finnish fashion retailer, came up with the idea to design only half-outfits. The upper part of the collection brings the traditional office look where the lower part is rather informal. …

#4 Complex issues cannot be solved with simple solutions

While I’m writing this article, a second lockdown was declared in Austria. Hospitals are about to collapse, and my father has been working almost 24/7 in the previous weeks at the ambulance. The situation is starting to get out of control, for the second time this year.

Despite the critical situation, I’m wondering what lessons can we learn from this pandemic. Because no doubt, we got some extremely tough lessons in the past few months. The question is, are we going to able to learn from them, and improve further as individuals, businesses, and society? …

5 unusual mental health tips from the New-Zealander artist, Kristina Webb.

Kristina Webb is a 25 years old New Zealand artist, entrepreneur, and inspiration of at least half a million people around the globe. From 2012 to 2018, she maintained a continuous social media presence, kept creating mindblowing artworks daily, and published two books with the aim to help newbie artists in finding their voice, and expanding their creativity.

Because of brave artists like Kristina, many of us are able to stop for a moment and deeply think about urging social issues of our times, such as the importance of mental health. …

Unpopular opinion: body positivity can be harmful

Just a couple of days ago, during breakfast with my boyfriend, we entered into a controversial conversation about obesity. I was of the opinion that being overweight is mainly the responsibility of the given individual. In addition, I argued that obese people also wear a kind of responsibility towards society.

Obesity clearly burdens healthcare economically, and I think — tear me apart — it is even selfish to refuse to lose weight. Honestly, why should other people work and pay just because corpulent people cannot stop overeating…?

My boyfriend had a way more tolerant point of view than me. He replied, “well, but if they’re consuming more, they’re also paying more taxes that can be directly distributed to…

#6. Ask ‘what?’ instead of ‘why?’

Would you consider yourself a self-aware person? The majority of people would.

Surprisingly though, only 10% to 15% of the people who assume to be self-aware would actually fit the category. Seeing ourselves clearly and owing a conscious knowledge of our own character and feelings is a truly unique quality.

Self-awareness is like being able to observe yourself and your actions from a bird's perspective. Obviously, you’re still yourself, but at the same time, being conscious makes it possible to examine yourself as someone whom you want to improve and provide a very nice life filled with meaning.

I started to be conscious of my self-awareness when I changed high school because of not receiving a scholarship I deserved. After I had got the news, I thought the world has just ended for me. I was working so hard, I did everything I could, and still, I didn’t win, but the child of a school principal close to the government. The fraud was so obvious that my school refused to tell us the results for months. Back then I was 16. …

Make happiness concrete to live a fulfilling life.

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When I googled the definition of happiness, I’ve got the following highly disappointing result. Happiness is the state of being happy.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got some problems with this definition. Firstly, it is not quite helpful when you’re aiming to reach the ‘state of being happy’. Secondly, for me, this definition creates a kind of unreachable atmosphere for well-being. It makes happiness too abstract, you know.

Now, before you read further, I’ve got some questions for you to think about. What does happiness mean to you and how can you define it?

Undoubtedly, we all define happiness in a different way. Indeed, when people were asked to define happiness in a study, the subsequent outcomes were…

Waterfall adventure with an unforgettable life lesson

…The hot summer air was enticing me to discover new places, to play a little bit outside, and to push my limits a little bit further. Adventures were calling me, and I simply had to go. I had to go to explore the secret, undiscovered areas. I had to enter places where tourists have never been to.

Just to get back on Earth for a second, this happened 2 years ago when it was still allowed to travel around. I feel extremely nostalgic about those times, and at least, I can get a little bit of ‘wanderlust’ feeling while writing about my adventures…But my urge to wanderlust is not the sole reason for sharing this article with you. During my trip to a waterfall, I’ve learned something crucial. …


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