Lessons from one of the most influential hippies of the 20th century.

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John Lennon was the co-founder of The Beatles, and one of the most influential singers of the 20th century. He was an artist, musician, composer, poet, peace activist, and philosopher. His art exceedingly impacted people all over the world and is still enthralling.

Besides providing a glimmer of inspiration, reading and implementing his teachings can, I believe, lead to meaningful and long-lasting changes in one’s life. He has drawn upon essential values to living a purposeful life by contemplating the importance of consciousness, self-love, support, failing, burn-out, happiness, love, patience, and flow.

His wise words stand to guide all of us on the way towards a happier, peaceful life filled with emotional and intellectual honesty. Let’s take a look at some of them. …

Because women’s pleasure matters there too

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Porn is recently the most searched topic on the whole internet. Did you know that 1 in 5 mobile searches are for pornography? Are you aware of the fact that one-third of all internet traffic accounts for porn? Or that PornHub is among the top 10 most visited sites, globally?

To be honest, I’m quite concerned about mainstream porn. PornHub, the leader of the industry, took an alarming direction as for their content and actors.

Let me ask you a question at this point.

Are you completely sure that the porn you consume is legit and ethical? Are you certain that the actors enjoy themselves and not abused in those videos? Were those ‘hidden camera’ or ‘BDMS’ categories you usually watch directed legally? …

A beginner’s guide to living a meaningful life based on a psychologically-supported framework.

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What if there could be a shortcut to happiness? Something that would guide us through the way of pursuing a meaningful and joyful life step-by-step?

Dr. Martin Seligman, psychologist, educator, researcher, and author of best-selling self-help books was very much concerned with these questions. He is called the “father of positive psychology” for creating the theoretical model of happiness, the PERMA model of lasting well being.

The PERMA acronym stands for the 5 key elements of happiness according to Dr. Seligman, namely Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Achievement.

If applied accordingly, the model claims to be able to help anyone to work towards a life filled with meaning, happiness, and contentment. …

Is that why they’re the happiest nation in the world?

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How would you react if you had to face death right now?

Would you regret not living your life fully, filled with love and meaning? Would you feel frightened because of missing out on something? Would you regret wasting so much time and effort on insignificant conflicts? And most importantly, would you feel disappointed because of never really living in the present moment?

Or would you be nostalgic and content?

I asked myself these questions shortly after my grandma passed away. At that time, I haven’t seen her for months, because I had already started university, abroad.

I clearly remember I was wishing my life away for several reasons: I wanted to finish my exams as soon as possible, and I wanted to finally meet my long-distance boyfriend. Now, years after my grandma’s death, I’m asking myself: Was it worth it? Was it worth it to hurry up time and forget about the essence of life? …

The traditional framework doesn’t cut it anymore

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2020 is a very challenging time to succeed. And not just because of the surprising events of the year. It’s like customers are kind of reaching a higher level… they’re pickier.

So, how to address the more conscious buyers of our time? Conscious customers are hard to manipulate. They seem to know what they want.

Marketing has entered a new era. The era of relevance.

Traditional marketing approaches might be insufficient to maintain a successful business in the long run.

The traditional 4 Ps (Product, Place, Price, and Promotion) are a good base to start. But solely relying on them won’t help you anymore. New, higher-level players arrived in the field: Purpose, Pride, Partnership, Protection, and Personalization. …

From sensual lyrics to pulsing rhythms

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The right music can set the perfect atmosphere for sex and make this sweet pleasure more intimate, loving, and exciting.

After a hard day when I’m thirsting for sexuality, but my thoughts are just not getting out of my head, these sultry songs always do the trick and help me relax.

The following 10 songs are perfect to have sex to, and with them, I can entirely indulge in sensuality.

Cigarettes After Sex — Heavenly

Everything from this band sounds ultra sultry and erotic. I suspect the songs were basically created for having sex. In fact, they are referred to as being ‘erotic lullabies.’

The band initially played in front of empty rooms several times. People didn’t understand or cared about their records. Still, Cigarettes After Sex kept playing and creating music until finally, one of their songs — Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby — went viral on Youtube. …

Here are the exact strategies I apply whenever I refuse to consume social media for 30 days (and the benefits).

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“How much of your life can we get you to give us?” — The Social Dilemma

I finished another ‘30 days without social media’ round, and I feel refreshed. Sometimes I decide to disappear from the addictive world of digital connectedness. Not radically forever, but for a considerable amount of time, for 1 or 2 months. I can easily allow myself to do so because I’m a university student and my work is not directly connected to social media. Therefore, I have the freedom to make such decisions.

This kind of detox helps me to balance my digital life without the fear of remaining isolated forever. Don’t get me wrong, I admire and love to use social media. It inspires me. I love to use Instagram as a photo album where I can store the memories of the best years. I get ideas for my articles, and I also love to stare at aesthetic artsy pictures that calm my mind. I communicate with my parents and old friends via Facebook, I love to catch up with their lives there. …

Poison or protection?

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A couple of days ago, I had a conversation with my boyfriend about the COVID-19 vaccines. I told him it is quite unlikely that I’m going to get the vaccine. There are so many rumors around it, and scientists got ready so unbelievably quickly. How was that even possible? Is it safe to vaccinate ourselves at all? What about the long-term side effects?

Still, I’d love to get back to normal as soon as possible without endangering anyone. …

“Innovation is the key.”

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Climate change is one of the most pending issues of our time. If we collectively fail to find solutions to it, there will probably be no need to solve anything else anymore.

We don’t need to save the planet for the planet or for the astonishing beauty of nature. No, we have to save the planet for our own sake, to survive. As time is passing by, though, we have less and less time to act.

In an interview, Bill Gates is sharing his opinion about how actually to fund the green revolution. …


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