Repug Voters: Fuck your Feelings
Abel Cohen

Excellent article, it perfectly reflects the lunacy and over the top redorich that has been the anti Trump/anti white main talking points.

Painting a picture with pictures.

Antifas number one message

Calm and rational liberal response when things don’t go as expected.

Sticking it to the man …

The rational response to a president ya don’t like 😉

Demonizing people based on there economic/social status, education, income, politics, race or religion is narrow minded and bigoted …. And that was the full extent and content of your soap box style rant.

Basically with a few name changes your little piece could be used by the KKK, actual Facist or hell even Isis ( admittedly only they could appreciate your hate filled anti Christian ranting ).

So why did I take the time to reply to this juicy little drama post of yours ….

I’m a fucking troll you idiot!

pssss I thought I’d beat you to the punch on the trolling accusation.