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Going crazy is the best way to describe the redorich coming from Think Progress, the articles being put fourth from this little Leftist think tank are classic examples of over exaggeration and truth twisting to fit a social justice narrative that has no other objective than to keep people in categories along ethnic, gender and political groups.

The fact that they attempt to use demonization on opposing points views is a tired out dated tactic, i read these articles with the intent to pull something credible from them but to may dismay the only things that i find are fear mongering and half truths, this article in point used implied what ifs in place of actual evidence, the whole intent was to make the reader fear and mistrust Gorsuch.

The real truth is Democrats and the Radical Left are pissed that Gorsuch was a Trump appointee and when Obama tried to fill the empty court seat Republicans stone walled him, don’t try to cover that fact up with some puffy emotional argument, just tell the truth for a change.

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