The finger flew at my family from not only conservative in general, but from their very own family…
Jordan Bray

No you didn’t really prove anything except your willingness to use your father’s misfortune and disability to push a narrative that you really haven’t defined very well at all.

“Unlike you I was raised by those Republicans and I know the truth. People who would sooner give you the finger than a helping hand spells out the definition of my family.”

From your statement above it doesn’t sound like you have much empathy for your family and yet you used their misfortune to envoke guilt, shame or sympathy from me to validate a point you have yet to really make.

This is exactly the type of virtue/victim mental gymnastics that proves the symbolism over substance narrative will be the driving force behind all of today’s social justice activism and will probably have no real world net effect on improving anyone’s life.

So your family sucks, my family sucks and I guess the whole world sucks right.

The difference between you and I can be summed up like this:

To Jordan the glass is have empty and soon it will be bone dry.

To Reginald the glass is have full and it could be completely full if he adds more water.

PS The cemetery’s are full of just as many conservative veterans as liberal veterans … and probably equal amounts are serving right now … and by the way wasn’t your father a Republican and a Conservative … yeah once again you’ve miss the mark on making what ever point you were attempting to make.

“My dad signed up to serve his country. None of my conservative relatives who taunted us ever did.”

The above statement was yours.