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OK then let’s forget facts and just nuke the fuckers … holy shit where do you dumb shits come from? (California?) And why do you have a hard on to go toe to toe with Russia over an alleged hacking/election interference with no actual prove of anything happening.

Now the left wants Putin’s head on a pike all the while feminist and lgbtq activists think it would be wonderful to live within an Islamic califate under Sharia law.

No one with a functional brain cell left in there head wants to have another cold war except the radical, mentally and politicaly challenged left of liberal dysfunctionals.

The muscle for these nuts (antifa) thinks Russians aren’t true communists and basically are republicans … LMFAO.

Their is no logical reason for me to be a lemming and climb aboard the lets start a war with Russia train and if you stepped back to look at actual real threats to our nation Russia is by far from the top of the list.

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