Butting in with a rant about victim mentality — as a response to my post suggesting that students…
Rex Kerr

When you post you do realize people read your post and comment, none the less it sounds like you didn’t like my comments​ which you have every right to, just as I have to comment or not that’s how it works.

If you are really steamed and offended by my comments you could just not reply back or block me all together, ether way when i read a post I will comment good, bad or something in between and if there is debate, arguing or just trolling I say let the chips fall where they may.

So yes I took shots at you, insulted you and actually I was under the impression you were game for that from your responses but apparently not …. In that case the balls in your court and the next move is your’s.

Take care Rex have a good evening.

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