the german people had that same attitude when hitler came to power.
grendel chagrin

You sound so antifa … may i suggest if you have the time to go out and punch a Nazi (be careful which Nazi you choose some times the alphas punch back so ducking is a good counter) and that might make you feel better about the poor analogy you made, go read more history on the rise of Hitler before making such lame comparisons.

1930s Germany in no way resembles Modern America and No Trump is not a Hitler, just because the noise machine of the radical legacy media throws that claim out 24/7 does not make it true.

If you advocate violence as a legitimate form of protest then logic would dictate violence as the legitimate response, so leftist antifa should not be shocked when law inforcement pepper sprays, body slams or yes use rubber bullets to stop antifas acts of violence and terrorism.

Pushing political beliefs by intimating acts of violence puts groups like antifa and bamn in the same company of the very fascist and nazis that they claim to be against.

Wrap your mind around that and you may be able to come up with a response that gives way to a more productive and interesting discussion.

PS I regret the suggestion of you punching a Nazi, I realized that it contradicts my violence is not the answer narrative so again my apologies and by no means should you go punch a Nazi.

(psss but if you do remember what I said about the alphas … take care buddy.)

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