The Best(est) Friends

Minus two.

Can’t even imagine how my college and away-from-home life would be without you guys. The one(s) i’d forever feel thankful for. Thank you for being there for me for the last two years (and hopefully forever).

You know I’m not the brightest student (not even close, never in a million years) in class, but you help me be the better version of myself.

You know I’m not that one to talk, and you understand without I ever have to explain anything.

You know how I’m always moody and couldn’t control my choice of words sometimes, but you never complain and accept me as I am. (I do have to fix that habit, tho)

You know how my jokes are never that funny, but you laugh anyway, making me the happiest people in the world.

Soon we’ve gotta walk our own walk, choose which path to take, most likely differ from each other. The only thing that I want from all of you is for us to graduate college together (amen), so let’s make it til the end.

Thank you for the road trips, for the sleepless nights doing homeworks, for the sleepovers, for understanding me, for the joy that you brought to my life, for just being you, and thank you so so so much for everything.

Have a good road ahead! May Allah bless you all and your family.

With love and gratitude,


ps. pardon my bad grammar ☹

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