Thanks for sharing your organizational tools!
Emmanuel Oga

Actually, some of the features that you mention are not really necessary to me or have a simple physical alternative:

  • Delete? Crush that post-it and throw it away, or cross of that item from the TODO list in your notepad.
  • Rearrange? Move the most important post-it up top. Switch the post-it between the columns Doing and TODO. It’s quite simple.
  • Search? I don’t really need this. I lift my head and I look at the board. If I can’t easily find it, I need to do less things today.
  • Undo? I could rewrite part of the post-it or do a new one.

Also, the fact that you need a Search feature means that you have a huge list of things to be done. In that sense, I agree with that one chapter in Rework: Long lists don’t get done.

I will continue to use digital tools to keep track of stories/issues, but on a daily basis I’m most productive with my offline tools (post-its and notepads)

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