Having a streak is such great motivation. I’ve been writing articles for 10 business days straight.

I started on April 13th and I haven’t stopped. Sure, I’ve had some days where I was really busy and I barely had time to write the article. But I pulled through.

Last Friday I completely forgot to write an article and I ended up writing it during dinner with friends: Hire passionate people. It’s an idea that I had in my mind and writing it was easy. (I had to ignore my friends for 15 minutes though)

I’m currently on another streak. I’ve contributed to open source projects for 14 days straight: From April 13th to April 26th.

I’ve been quite obsessed with consistency and streaks. I even wrote about The 7 Days Open Source Challenge. I believe that they are a great way to get better at something. Practice does make perfect.

I believe that streaks are a great way to form a habit. Give it a try!