EtainPower Terms & Conditions

Hi EtainPower Community,

Thank you all for your interests in EtainPower! We are aware of more than 150,000 supporters all over the world who would like to participate in this project. Thanks to everyone for being so patient and supportive!

We have been working hard to ensure a fair pre-sale process. Please stay tuned to the future updates and announcement about the pre-sale details.


1. Pre-sale smart contract address will be available for those whitelisted participants. If you have not completed KYC, your transaction will not be able to get through.

2. We will stop KYC verification at 11:59p.m., 29 Oct 2018, UTC!

3. We will NOT encourage a gas war situation.

4. EtainPower’s authorized admins will NEVER ask anyone to send ETH to any wallets. Don’t give your ETH away in private message.



All people around the world who want to participate in the pre-sale will have to pass the KYC. The Pre-sale will start on Thursday 2018/11/01 at 2:00PM UTC time and end on Sunday 2018/11/04 at 23:59PM UTC and will only last for 4 days.

*You have to join our whitelist to be able to participate in the Pre-sale. The Whitelist registration closes at 11:59p.m., 29 Oct 2018, UTC!

The public main sale will start in end of November, depending on the pre-sale progress.


We have been working incredibly hard to explore directions that would allow broader participation, however we cannot guarantee allocations for all supporters due to the growing interest in EtainPower and limited token supply for pre-sale.

The pre-sale reward approach will be used to make the token distribution as fair as possible, and the reward rules will be designed to provide supporters who really care and contribute to EtainPower community more opportunities to get involved in the pre-sale.

Detailed information will be announced very soon, please stay tuned. Some of our official channels include:

Telegram channel or chat room link

Twitter profile

Facebook page

LinkedIn company link

Blog link

Reddit link

YouTube intro video link

YouTube channel link link

Notice: By submitting KYC form, you undertake that all information and material provided are true and authentic. You shall indemnify us for any claims, demands, actions, damages, losses, costs and expenses caused by false or misleading information. We reserve the right to reject any person if upon audit and additional review, we discover omissions or any matter which may be a cause for concern. It is our sole discretion to reject KYC applications and there is no appeal process.

EtainPower reserved the right of final explanation.