Intelligence in Environments

Communal and Private Kitchens
  • How do people interact with public v. private spaces?
  • How is ownership and identity connected to the space?
  • How does this affect responsibility and care?
  • What are the boundaries and rules within a communal space?

Layers of the Kitchen

Public v. Private Space

Private Home Kitchen

Different Closet Spaces
  • Specific areas allow for messiness or chaos
  • Once one plate stays in the sink, it allows others to be in the sink as well
  • ‘Uncontrolled areas’ still have a level of organization

Communal Home Kitchen

Countertop Images
Details of the Kitchen
The grouping of ‘messiness’
  • Objects tend to be grouped by ecology, not by the labels around the kitchen
  • It seems as if the labels are being distinctly ignored
  • Dirty spaces will remain dirty, and collect more miscellaneous objects and trash

Communal Work Kitchen

CMU Grad Studio Kitchen
Every object is near where it’s used.
Specific Object Ecologies emerge and still have order and grouping.
Closed organizational spaces seem to have the most chaos. This may be because they are still constrained. The mess can be hidden.
Specific Utility for these objects / services
Small notes and modifications to the space, including a cleaning schedule. Reminders instead of labels.
  • Most objects felt like they belonged in their space
  • Only food seems to have more freedom around the space and can ‘break the rules’
  • The importance of materiality
  • Object ecology / movement
  • Context as an influencer — affects relationships, conversations
  • This can be manifested through notations in space
  • Each space has a visual language that indicates usage

Class Notes:




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