Glad I made sense!
Ape Inago

Hi Ape,

No, thank you for inspiring me!

You truly hit the nail on the head. “Enlarging the scope of collaboration” is an absolutely amazing way of describing our vision. The way we see it is that technology is unbiased, and we hope to have it serve as a tool that fundamentally ups our efficiency when it comes to collaborations. However, it is our duty to guide our user’s to use the tool with the correct mindset. As my co-founders and I like to think, our goal is to let our machine’s efficiency enhance our user’s emotional capabilities. To be honest, as we dug deep into R&D, which is the first part of this equation, we also slowly began to overlook the importance of the second part.

Dale Carnegie and Bill Campbell are probably some of the most over-mentioned opinion leaders on this mindset. However, it seems that as much as I enjoy reading about them, I did a poor job at portraying the same mindset through this blog :) I will certainly reflect upon myself, and re-organize my thoughts in a new one!

On the other hand, the abusive networkers are bringing in a lot of toxicity into our society just like you said, and I totally agree that we must be very careful to not cross that border. Additionally, it certainly will be our responsibility to guide our users into the correct mindset from the earliest stage too. To be quite honest, our users have given us so much more value and knowledge than our app has provided them so far, hence there’s a long way ahead of us!

So again, I really enjoyed your comments and thank you for all the constructive comments and insightful discussions. Although I may not be able to post as frequently as I wish, I hope we can continue this discussion and explore this topic!