A New Etch

By Michael Guigli, Co-Founder, Etch

This week, we released a major update. A total redesign with two goals in mind: simplify the experience for new users and emphasize the core use cases of Etch. So how did we get here?

During my 4.5 years as a Product Marketer, I’ve had a front-row seat to the trials and tribulations of developing a successful consumer app. Much of this experience has influenced the product decisions I make at Etch. Such as the importance of the onboarding process for new users. So instead of seeing a map when first opening Etch, the user now sees a very clear set of objectives. The opening screen is simple and clean with no unnecessary distractions.

Old home screen (left) vs. new home screen (right)

My second guiding principle for this redesign came from Clayton Christensen’s Jobs-To-Be-Done framework. This framework helps you see your product through the eyes of your customer. The goal is to arrive at an answer to the question, “What job did a customer hire your product to do?” For Etch, this narrowed down to the following:

  • Keep track of favorite places
  • Find new places to go
  • Share places with friends
Laying out the new structure and workflow

Two of the use cases I identified during the Jobs-To-Be-Done exercise are now featured prominently on the home screen (as seen in the first image) with the third one coming soon — a new way to collect and share places with friends. We believe that these visual and structural design improvements will make Etch more accessible and intuitive.

Stay tuned for more great updates from the Etch team.


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