Introducing The First Cohort at ETC Labs

After a successful pilot program that ended in December 2018, ETC Labs, a leading ETC blockchain startup accelerator, is all set to host the first cohort at its San Francisco office starting January 14, 2019. Over 140 applications were reviewed, of which 11 promising startups have been selected. The ETC Labs program plans to grow the ETC ecosystem by offering startups building on the blockchain access to shared office space, developer support, and funding to take their ideas to the next level. The program aims to do this by making direct investments and connecting the startups to a network of collaborators, investors, and supporters.

A glimpse of the ETC Labs office in San Francisco

Many key teams supporting the ETC ecosystem, including in-house ETC Labs Developers, will also contribute to mentoring the startups during the program. The first cohort comprises enthusiastic startups looking to contribute to the ETC ecosystem and the wider community through their innovative ideas and projects.


A decentralized platform to manage IoT data, Anylog is the protocol implementation of a decentralized peer-to-peer network that allows users to store, share, query and monetize IoT data without relying on a centralized authority.


A secured wallet in messengers with solutions for digital asset management, Button Wallet is not only suitable for sophisticated crypto enthusiasts, but it is also convenient for mass adoption.


The Cryzen trading platform lets users develop arbitrary trading algorithms through an online bot development environment. Users can write, back-test, and deploy custom trading bots using Python, or tweak, back-test, and deploy template strategies (e.g., arbitrage, momentum, etc.) through a simplified UI that requires no coding experience.


Etherenode is deploying arrays of nodes operating in docker containers utilizing IPFS for fast chain data bootstrapping and maintaining highest levels of up-times and server load balancing. Node OS will utilize the proposed ETC side-chain technology allowing users to setup and administer their own side chains (POA) to securely and privately network personal IoT devices.


Monetizr is a simple SDK solution that is added to mobile games. The team works with game developers to incentivize millions of gamers for time, skills, and money spent on mobile games with tokens that represent real-life value that can be spent within, or outside of, the game. Tokens represent real-life value and can be exchanged for game-related merchandise or even cryptocurrencies.


OriginalMy uses blockchain for solving bad bureaucracy by creating a public, decentralized, immutable and verifiable proof of authenticity for identities, digital documents, and electronic signatures.


The world’s most dynamic digital collectible experience creating the future of digital ownership, Play Exchange is redefining the meaning of collectibles. They are no longer static things you simply look at. The startup’s high-end, rare and exclusive collectibles are stories, adventures, and experiences that grow every day creating more value, but most importantly, creating more fun.


The new gold standard for emotional visual communication formats in AR, Scanta enables users to customize, collect, trade, buy and sell AR Avatars on the blockchain.


A gaming platform for fans to bet/challenge each other whilst watching streams.


StaTwig is blockchain startup that uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to record the journey of products across the supply chain, from manufacturer to customer, thereby creating an extra layer of visibility and authenticity.


A decentralized universe of 3D characters for VR/AR, gaming, and content creation, at VREX Lab you can buy, sell, or breed one-of-a- kind characters that you can use in games, your YouTube channel, Instagram stories, and more!

Elizabeth Kukka, Program Director of ETC Labs stated, “We’ve received an overwhelming response from the first batch of startups, and we’re seeing a lot of interest and inquiries about the program. We’re considering all projects that build on the ETC blockchain, including trying to convince some projects that are not on ETC and those that haven’t chosen a blockchain just yet! We’re focused on the infrastructure that’s going to make a lot of DApp ideas and projects possible AND further advance blockchain and ETC specifically.”
 ETC Labs plans to support 20 to 24 startups per year, considering their capabilities and provision for accommodation. The program is looking to support 10 to 12 startups at one time, with varying levels of support depending on the requirements of each project.
 The team is active across all social media channels, and you can follow them on Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram. Startups that would like participate in future cohorts can apply to ETC Labs whose unique approach to mentoring upcoming startups and harnessing the knowledge of industry leaders ensures that the project remains competitive in the market.