iPhone 6S Review: The Opinions of a Novice Techie

When the iPhone 6S was first announced, expectations from the iPhone generation certainly went through the roof tag-lining the product “the only thing that’s changed is everything” apart from looking exactly like its older brother the iPhone 6.

Disregarding its appearance, whats going on under the hood makes it a definite improvement on the 2014 model which means its all the more attractive to me.

The body has been put through a workout making it stronger and more robust, the camera is crisp and defiantly has a way of making you feel like Harry Potter with its new 3D touch which is a completely new way to interact with the screen.

But enough from me, I’m handing this one over to my partner in crime, My girlfriend!

Probably the most novice techie i have ever met in my life probably just after my mum.

iPhone 6S: The opinions of a Novice Techie

After years of being a religious iPhone user ever since the first model was released on June 29th 2007.

I was a happy owner of the iPhone 4 right the way through until a year and a half into my contract and then Dooms day happened! Everything suddenly shut down.

With a grueling 6 months left on my contact I had to go through a lot of crap to get to the point of being able to cancel it.

Eventually when the time came we went shopping for my new phone that would put everything back into place, but being who i am i decided to try something new and maybe head away from being a part of the iPhone generation, so i decided to go with the HTC One Mini 2 …

If anyone has this device i’m sure you can guess whats about to come, it was awful!

Eventually after a while i “accidentally” smashed the screen while tending to my garden, since i hated the phone i didn’t really care about smashing it.

After 8 Months i through in the towel and decided that i never should of left the iPhone i missed it like a mother misses their child! thats a deep statement to make but im afraid its true.

£619 later i reunited with my old friend.


When first unboxing the iPhone 6S (in this case the rose gold edition) its slick robust design stands out to the eye.

It’s firm aluminum body is easy to grip and its slick design only compliments it further.

In the box are all the things you would expect like, the general paperwork such as your warranty as well as ear buds, a charging brick and your lighting cable.

Lets face it! Unpeeling a new device is one the best feelings ever when you get a new gadget! its strangely satisfying, well lets be honest especially the iPhone 6S and every other Apple device are the sexiest around!

Whats going on Apple?

For all its “quick changes” Apple is always innovating and changing the way we live our lives. Each and every other year Apple puts an “S”or a “C” on the end of its last device, chucks in a couple high tech changes rolls it out and slaps on a hefty price tag but lets face it! if you want quality you pay for it right…

The iPhone 6S is that device of last year, and it includes some sharp new elements, camera upgrades and a fundamentally quicker processor compared to its older brother the iPhone 6.

Mine is the Rose Gold edition and whenever i pick it up i always feel like i’m in with the tech kids, i can defiantly guarantee this is another astounding device from Apple.

iPhone 6S – Design and Features

If one thing is for certain “S” devices resemble their older siblings and the iPhone 6S is truly apart of that family coincidence, even the screen is the same, as high as everyone’s expectations are i have to confess i don’t think its the absolute best there is – Samsung’s OLEDs are in an alternate alliance in this admiration – but not being to picky it’s incredible for an LCD.

Sharp as the iPhone 6S is, some may argue that it could be improved a little further, by this i mean its 326 pixels per inch (i totally had to Google that).

Being a painful ex-user of the HTC One Mini 2 coming back to an iPhone was one of the greatest moments of last year, it’s easy to hold and having it in your pocket the volume controls don’t accidentally jolt or anything sending your phone mental.

The difference between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6S is only minuscule such as the frame is slightly thicker overall making it a bit more hefty but in all honesty you can only notice if you hold the two up side by side.

I would defiantly recommend you play it safe and buy a robust case as it does feel like the iPhone 6S could easily smash if you drop it and plus we all know that iPhones have the reputation of getting scuffed up over time (Play it safe! get a case!).


As you would expect the iPhone 6S screen is the same as it’s sibling: 4.7-inches and 750p resolution, which makes it a member of the ‘Retina’ family which you may not know was debuted well back with the iPhone 4.

All though the resolution doesn’t quite match up to that of its competitors such as Samsung’s S7 and Google’s Nexus range dependant on the fussiness of the owner it quite honestly doesn’t bother me, it’s still pretty awesome.


The iPhone 6S has the same control set as its predecessor. Above the display is where the earpiece, a couple of sensors and the new 5MP selfie camera are.

While the front facer doesn’t come with a LED flash, being able to use the screen as one sure as hell makes up for it, by turning on the Retina flash the entire screen will light up in white which should give you the extra light you need to take a decent selfie in a dark environment, so the next time your out on the town those drunk photo’s in the middle of the dance floor should be slightly better.

All though Apple have done some great work they haven’t completely reinvented the wheel, all though the front facer flash being a great feature we have seen it being done by other manufactures throughout the last couple of years, however Apple have raised the bar by giving the backlighting a brightness boost of up to 300% compared to the usual maximum.

So what’s under the display?

What’s below the display is much like the iPhones predecessors, the home button! but the home button isn’t just the home button anymore now its much more than that a Touch ID sensor, even though the iPhone 6 had a Touch ID we might as well forget that it did because the iPhone 6S has had a much better upgrade making it much faster and more reliable which in my opinion makes it make one of the best solutions on the market.

(After some serious time Googling here’s what i found out about the Touch ID sensor)

There are effectively three levels of pressure and each will trigger a different action, the sensor doesn’t just detect the pressure but all the points in between, which can open some serious gaming potential! if you’re thinking about taking out a contract or buying this device flat out you will eventually figure out what i am blurbing on about.

The volume keys and the silencer are on the left, while the power/lock key and the nano-SIM tray are on the right as usual.

The usual iPhone stuff.

A Camera fit for a selfie Queen

The iPhone 6S camera is defiantly fit for the modern day selfie queen with a bump from 8-megapixels to 12-megapixels and your keen to take pictures of your new make up then this devices camera is defiantly fit for you!

However even though there have been considerable improvements Apple have neglected to improve the camera’s lens Its f/2.2 aperture doesn’t sound that impressive when compared to the performance of some of its competitors, to make this easier to understand a lower aperture means that more light can get to the film or image sensor ultimately resulting in low light performance and bringing depth to your image.

Let’s hope they fix this with iPhone SE or iPhone 7 (whatever they finally decide to call it)

4K Video… Any good?

The short answer is yes! its 2 video modes and 6 settings are:

720p at 30fps
1080p at 30fps
1080p at 60fps
4K at 30fps

And the two slo-mo modes: 720p at 120fps and 240fps.

The default mode 1080p at 30fps is pretty much perfect for any condition.

However downscaling from 4K i wouldn’t advise to 1080p which will result in sharper footing than 1080p like most are used to. If you are feeling adventurous you can use 4K’s extra pixels to reframe and ‘zoom’ into their footage at 1080p without losing detail – 4K is effectively four times 1080p, after all.

iPhone 6S – Perfomance

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No … Its the iPhone 6S, Lets not do this silly superhero thing but the point is their, the iPhone 6S is lighting fast! with it’s new wizarding chips it’s around 50% to 60% faster then the Iphone 5, 5S, 5C and 6.

And this bad boy now has 2GB Ram which makes it pretty much the tech equivalent of a body builder!

No your eyes aren’t fooling you, you seriously just read that, the iPhone 6S now has 2 gigabytes of RAM.

This is not to say that iOS didn’t run smoothly on 1GB, it did!, but more is always better right! this change will ultimately result in a whole new browsing experience with next to no freezing or any another annoying techie mumbo jumbo.

Should other novice techies buy the iPhone 6S?

Most people are likely to follow fashion, lets face it! the iPhone generation is pretty much all a fashion statement but a fashion statement isn’t always a bad thing.

With Apple you can always guarantee that innovation and change is a top priority, so would i advise buying the iPhone 6S? of course why not, its a device with plenty of fancy features that would please any religious iPhone user it’s easy to use, more secure than any other previous device and has lots of hidden features that i’ve not even discovered yet, but you know what? I’m pretty excited to find them

This article originally appeared on every-tech.co.uk

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