The Region- 5 Years Later

It is one of the most doubtful times since WWII for the middle east, and nothing but good sense can save the next generation!

As the official governmental entities are still battling bureaucracy and representing a long dead traditions ( not techniques!) of management with a stone age media coverage which consists of the mantra “cut electricity when in dilemma) , and on the other hand the freshly baked news being produces every Nano-second on social media platforms some based on truth, some on demand and other on pure political and economic goals with young Arabs getting their daily doses of whatever you want to put into their minds through the “Holly Feed”! rather than books of old or words of the wise. Based on that the only possible way to actually survive is not be the stronger nor the smarter but the most adjustable and flexible, as what is trending today is only a “was” of tomorrow.

I am not being sarcastic nor dramatic in my vision but unfortunately and with a heavy heart I see more struggles coming to the region with even more diverse ideologies of which we never heard before or even forgot, and with such circumstances comes various issues affecting those of minorities and those of little power or effect .. mostly women and children of all segments of the community.

The role of entities like UN is at high stake and the work we put in today will show its payoff sooner rather than later. I Believe the region will be an area for imprinting and not affecting no more, where affecting was of the old days where a country and its people would struggle due to the presence f a negative force or incident, but what I believe is about to take place is Arab countries being imprinted and not affected where they become enemies and victims at the same time , mixed believes, disturbed understandings, messed up ethical standards and judgmental perspectives that comes from the text: “say what’s on your mind” the minute a 5 years old opens their account on social media.

The pace of the change will be slow but subtle and will be here to stay for a while, and new generations will grow up thinking that countries like Iraq, Syria , Egypt , Libya, Tunisia and Yemen were always like this; as silly as it sounds. Only a person “Good Sense” could understand, comprehend and act upon what is going on and about to happen, and creating the “Why” and “Why Not” in the minds of young Arabs will be harder than ever since these questions have no ( Correct ) answer in the obsolete Good sense but only one.. will it make you survive?