GraphQL Weekly goes Biweekly (temporarily)

Etel Sverdlov
1 min readMar 20, 2020

Hey Everyone,

We love editing GraphQL Weekly, actively curating and highlighting the amazing work in the GraphQL Community.

Starting next week, GraphQL Weekly will go biweekly—sent out every 14 days.

We want to be a bit more vulnerable with our readers and share our reasoning. As we’ve all moved remote and settled into our times in social isolation, and as grateful as we are to have positions and the opportunity to do our work from home, we’ve found that the general stress and difficult atmosphere of today’s events weighs on us and slows us down.

In an effort to continue to highlight the great GraphQL community work and keep a steady pace with the newsletter, we have decided to change our schedule to biweekly. We will return to a weekly schedule once the situation improves.

We love what we do and are deeply grateful for our opportunity to amplify voices in the GraphQL community! Thank you for supporting us in this endeavor!

We’re always looking for interesting GraphQL news, articles, and projects, etc. Let us know what you find through the GraphQL Weekly submission form.

See you in two weeks!

Kelsey, Daniel, Etel



Etel Sverdlov

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