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edgar allen poe/alvaro tapia-hidalgo

The War on Wordsmiths

Why should anyone make words in the age of the image?

A little while ago, the mere rumor that Instagram might be able to sell to third parties the trove of pictures that its users had been posting to the social media site, started a discussion about what it means to be a content creator in our new virtual world. The conversation went in a number of directions: towards corporate ownership of content; about better protocols for copyright; about the insignificance of the user. But one of the questions that wasn’t given adequate attention had to do with why Instagram — nothing more than a picture sharing app — became so important in the first place and what its explosion means at a cultural level.I submit that Instagram and its cousins represent an undeclared war on writing. On words.

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author: native believer (akashic, 2016); children of dust (harpercollins, 2009).

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