Unless the time freezes

My restless soul never find a way 
A way to survive in this troublesome world;
A world which is full of hypocrites,
Where wisdom has no value 
And the peace of mind is missing;
Happiness is bought,
Eggs are being killed,
Bloodshed in the homes;
Light can’t enter through the window;
Children are so scared
Cause they are so innocent!
Human is now inhuman
They fight against each other;
Birds doesn’t chatter anymore,
Now they do shits
They shit on animals,
The animals we face everyday
The animals we grow up inside us
The animals we pamper 
The animals we empower.

But Now the time has come,
Time has come to get frozen!
It has to be;
As it can’t go backward
It has to be;
To make the corrections,
The corrections what were needed
A long long back,
But we never gave a thought
We were running after each other
They were running after each other 
And there was no way out
It was a fucking loop;
The never ending fucking loop!
We could have never imagined
Because we looked so closely,
We forgot to zoom out;
And that took us to this end
The end of this cliff
You have nowhere to go
No way to go back 
Only way is to jump
Unless the time freezes
Unless the time freezes !

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