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Car dealerships have used to bet on offline sales. But recently keeping business offline only is causing a massive decrease in sales. And the role of online will be growing in the future. How do car dealers overcome challenges and catch opportunities of the new era?

We have the answer! In the article, we will explore both challenges and opportunities the new era brings to the car selling businesses. As well as give you some ideas on how to handle them with the help of IT.

Challenges to Overcome

Just consider four facts.

  1. Currently, 6 out of 10 car buyers are undecided during…

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Today is the era when we deal with a vast amount of technologies, frameworks, and other possible tools to create a code. There is still great temptation to stick in the stack which has been popular years ago and “keep it working as it goes” is the best option. Sometimes it really is, but mostly not.

Well, we can provide a few firm arguments to describe why we suggest writing the project from scratch rather than keeping it alive and adding new blocks in the Jenga tower.

The Shopaholic team has figured out whether it is possible to succeed in the e-commerce industry just using the popular SaaS platforms and marketplaces.

Currently, you can trade online both from your own website and from one of the different marketplaces. Shopify, Etsy, VK Goods, Instagram, Ozon, Yandex.Market and many else offer prospects of incredible convenience and tons of advantages compared with using the standalone e-store. But is it worth relying on these promises? …

Egor Kaleynik for Geek-Solutions

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White-labeling your mobile app can be beneficial in some instances. We share what it means and how it can help your business to lower costs, eliminate risks, and attract more clients.

What’s a White-Label App?

White label, private label, house brand are somewhat similar concepts. Generally, it means a business model where manufacturers, developers, or service providers (so-called OEM) make unbranded goods or services and then sell those to multiple buyers who give their brands and resell the products again. ‍ As a result, OEM arranges the sales process without any marketing costs, and vendors come up with their own…

Egor Kaleynik and Tannice Hemming for Geek-Solutions

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Engaging with today’s employees takes more than a few group outings or an Amazon voucher incentive. What’s most important to the modern workforce is proper engagement via investment in the everyday tech they use to make your business profitable.

Indeed, 84% of Deloitte’s survey participants identified employee experience as their top challenge for 2019 yet only a paltry 9% felt they were ready to even begin addressing the issue. …

How to Avoid Extra Expenses and Sticking in the Process

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Almost every online and even offline business requires payment processing.

The easier it will be for your customers to pay for your goods or services, the more revenue you’re going to generate. The most common and convenient way to receive payments online is to integrate your website, service or mobile app with payment systems, or gateways, that are common among your customers.

Why Should You Read This?

At Geek-Solutions, we’ve integrated with a range of payment gateways. All of them have their specific own APIs with unclearly described features or multiple implicit errors.

These factors complicate integration and…

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