screencapture and the Sandbox in macOS Sierra

In my app ScreenFloat, I use the command line tool screencapture via NSTask to create screenshots. On OS X El Capitan and earlier versions of Apple’s operating system, this worked perfectly fine.
 Now, on macOS Sierra, I’ve been getting reports that screenshot creation didn’t work anymore, so I investigated.

At first I thought it might be the keyboard shortcut API that has undergone some changes, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, as I saw something actually occurred when I pressed the keyboard shortcut — Xcode’s console printed:

screencapture: cannot run two interactive screen captures at a time

Since I was absolutely sure I’m not launching screencapture via NSTask twice, I took to to see if anything unusual was reported there. And there it was:

The output in when trying to launch an interactive screencapture with NSTask.

deny mach-register

So registering a global Mach service is denied on macOS Sierra. In the back of my mind, I remembered a temporary exception entitlement, but it wasn’t quite the same —
I tried adding it to ScreenFloat’s entitlements file, with as its value (this temporary entitlement expects an array of string values), but that didn’t help — the same denial and console output occurred.
 On a hunch, I tried using … instead of … and — tada — it worked!

So I’m all set, right? Well…

Temporary Exception Entitlements

Apple offers a couple of temporary exception entitlements. They may or may not be granted to your app during Apple’s review process.
 But going through the list, it’s clear that … is nowhere to be found, so it’s kind of a private entitlement — which makes it even less likely for it to be granted to your app.

Digging Further

Seeing as the sandbox denial points explicitly to, not just generally, I tried creating a non-interactive screencapture session with NSTask.
 To my surprise, it worked — without the entitlement.

So I tried a different command line utility — which. (which will return the executable path to the given command line utility, for example, which screencapture would return /usr/sbin/screencapture).
 Again, it worked. And again, without the entitlement.

It makes me believe (and hope) that the behavior we see for is not desired, so I’ve filed a bug report with Apple in the hopes that they can set the record straight soon.

For now, I hope ScreenFloat will be granted the temporary entitlement just so it is functional again on macOS Sierra for the time being.
 However, if this is in fact the desired behavior, I will have to write my own screencapture utility so ScreenFloat can remain on the Mac App Store.

Bug Reporting

For anyone who’s interested or in a position to view it, here’s the bug report I’ve filed with Apple: rdar://27610157.
 I do hope to get an answer soon.

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Originally published at on August 1, 2016.