Benefits of Spirituality

Priscila Gomes
Jan 23 · 6 min read

“Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.” Roy T. Bennett.

Studies have shown that the brain is composed by a complex internal structure. But it’s completely indifferent when it comes to spirituality.

The brain has no capacity to judge between good and bad or positive and negative. Indeed, studies show the physical results in the human body when saying the truth or telling a lie.

However, an affirmation about where the consciousness or feelings come from was not found. The same principle applies to material things.

There’s no good or bad for an object because it doesn’t have its own free will and inner self-consciousness.

Even an atheist chooses to be good over being dishonest and unreliable. So, how our conscious mind distinguishes between right and wrong?

What we have been told

Since the beginning of human civilisation, man searched for good principles and morality — looked for staying in connection with the unseen world and learn the mysteries of life.

Based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, there are three main categories that man is interested in:

Basic needs

These are biological requirements for human survival, e.g. air, food, drink, shelter, clothing, warmth, sex, sleep as well as protection, security, order, law, stability and freedom.

Psychological needs

After the basic needs have been fulfilled, the second category of human needs focus on the social aspect of life and involve feelings of belongingness.

Also, a great deal relies on the Esteem needs — which Maslow classified into two sub-categories:

  • esteem for oneself (dignity, achievement, mastery, independence) and;
  • the desire for reputation or respect from others (e.g., status, prestige).

Self-fulfilment needs

Actualisation needs revert back to realising personal potential, fulfilment, seeking personal growth and peak experiences. A desire “to become everything one is capable of becoming” (Maslow, 1987, p. 64).

These categories are placed in a sequence that is influenced by the society. It can happen that this sequence doesn’t fulfil everybody’s exceptions as each individual has its own flow of needs.

New perception of spiritual needs

I actually disagree with Maslow’s theory and his idea that self-fulfilment should be the last topic to focus on.

Self-fulfilment is a priority as much as the basic needs are. In fact, your behaviour and the way you develop your inner-self can define and produce a completely different outcome in life.

Now, let’s have a look at pyramid through a spiritual approach:

As you can see in the picture above, I have changed the sequence of the categories.

Self-actualisation instead of staying on the top of the pyramid, goes down to the 3rd place, right after the “safety needs”.

Understanding the principles

We can achieve self-actualisation by learning the spiritual keys and their concepts. Starting with mediation and studying the principles and the laws that guide the universe.

The Law of Vibration

This is the primary law. It states everything in the universe. Vibration travels in circular patterns.

The same principle of vibration in the physical world applies to our thoughts, words, feelings, desires. Everything has its own vibration.

The Law of Attraction

Inherent in every intention and desire. It demonstrates how we create things, circumstances and attract anything we think of to our lives.

Our thoughts, words, feelings and visualisation produce energy materialising anything what was thought of by us. Therefore, think positive and speak wise.

The Law of Actions

This law must be applied in order to manifest things on earth. We must produce actions that support our thoughts. It generates a force of energy that returns to us.

Choosing actions that bring happiness and success to others ensures the flow of happiness and success to you.

The Law of Giving and Receiving

As said above, the universe operates through a circulating mechanism. Some people are good with giving, but don’t feel comfortable in receiving and vice versa.

The ideal is to have a balance on both sides. Otherwise you take away from other person the blessing of giving or if you only give away at certain point you’ll run dry.

“Give, and it will be given to you” (Luke 6:38)

The Law of Reciprocity

Also known, as the “law of cause and effect” or “karma”. It states that an action is rewarded with a reaction. In other words, when you do or give something to someone, it triggers a spiritual obligation of reciprocity.

You can usually expect to receive the same proportion back. What you would like to receive is what you should offer to others. A smile for example

Difference between religion and spirituality

Spirituality is the key that will lead you to better live your life with no preoccupations about the future.

Not because everything will be perfect, but because being spiritual will help you to understand yourself and your capacities. The capacities that your brain and your inner will develop to improve your daily actions and outcomes as the result of it.

We live in three different realities. We’re spiritual creatures, we have an intellect and we live in physical bodies. But because we lack understanding of who we are, we’re locked into a physical world. Following whatever society imposes on us neglecting our nature.

Taking a look at the other side of the spectrum, let’s emphasise the difference between religion and spirituality.

When I say spirituality, I mean the process of connection with the universe. Nothing related with the religion that we see nowadays on the tv, in the books or what we hear from time to time among people.

Religion may be defined as a cultural system of designated behaviours and practices where a group or organisation relates human ethics and concepts toward the supernatural or spiritual elements. These concepts can be found in doctrines as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and other religions.

Spirituality goes beyond behaviours and practice. It’s a deep and personal journey. No one can tell you exactly what to feel or do. It’s the connection between your inner-self and the universe or God.

The benefits of spirituality

The benefits of developing spiritual awareness are endless. It should be taught since our childhood for the reason and outcomes it produces in our lives.

It brings love and happiness

Here in this world we have conditions to love. But when you know that there’s a major energy that loves you unconditionally it brings happiness inside you. A true and stable happiness, not based in the circumstances or other people’s temporary emotions.

It brings inner peace

There’s no price for peace of mind. Even if the problems are knocking up, deep down you your spirit is settled because it has peace.

It brings purpose to your life

We’re more than 7 billion people in the planet. Each one of us is so unique with different reasons to exist. Spirituality helps you to understand why you’re here, what’s your calling in life, where you come from and what happens after death.

Final thoughts

The above indicates that thеrе is a сlоѕе rеlаtіоnѕhір bеtwееn spirituality аnd humаn life аnd thіѕ relationship hаѕ been thеrе since thе very іnсерtіоn оf humаn сіvіlіsаtіоn.

A spiritual man knows that whatever happens to him, or within him, can never bе exclusively down to a pure coincidence and not without any соnѕсіоuѕnеѕѕ or purpose. Such a person believes the seen and the unseen worlds are connected.

Mаn has аlwауѕ tried tо mоuld hіѕ сhаrасtеr ассоrdіng tо spiritual ideals. Sо, in mаnу wауѕ, spirituality hаѕ рlауеd a rоlе in his education.

Understanding the importance of spirituality and practicing its principles may increase quality of life.

With perseverance and willingness to learn about spirituality, you’re on a good path to change the outcomes in your life.

Thank you for reading.

Originally posted on Eternal Three

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