Rubik’s Contest

Two days ago I went to the rubik’s cubing contest for the speedcube nationals and the Semi-Finals. Of course I decided to enter the 2x2 class and The instructor took me to a table with a timer and mat. I was really nervous at first looking at people next to me getting scores of 0.56, 1.02, 0.79. They uncovered the 2x2 cyclone cube that I had before when I was a younger kid. They set the timer back to 0.00 and they gave me a 15 second inspection of the cube. They told me to place my hands on the mat and take them off to start. I ended up with a headache with the nerve of my mom and whole bunch of people watching over me like hawks going for prey. I started hearing a kid yell “NEW RECORD, NEW RECORD!!!”. I was so nervous at that time. I let my hands off the mat picking up the cube and twisting and turning remembering the algorithm F2, D, R2, Ui, F, L, D2, U2, Di, U2, Fi. I set the cube down putting my hands on my head. I looked at the timer and it was 20.52 seconds, I stared longer at it thinking it’s not anything like 0.92 or something close like that but knew I would never be close to that. I got up and walked to my parents then bought some speed cube lubricant so next time I will be faster.

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