Can Good UX be Ugly?

User Experience, or UX if you don’t have much time, is how someone interacts with something. Good UX is important when designing because it encourages users to continue to use a product instead of giving up or trying to find something better. We’ve all had bad experiences when trying to complete a simple task because of bad UX.

Beauty and good interface design go hand in hand. People are more likely to trust people that they find attractive and it’s not wrong to assume that it works the same way with UX. The first thing people will notice when visiting a website or using a product is how it looks. From there, they decide subconsciously whether or not its trustworthy.

One example that is all too common is a webpage with an uncomfortable amount of download buttons. If you can’t immediately see what you’re supposed to click on to get what you want, you may not click at all. I’ve personally clicked away from tons of pages because I was unsure of how to proceed. Websites like this are often trying to deceive you into downloading the wrong things, and are easily identified as untrustworthy.

Compare this to this sign-up page. When you see this site, it is immediately clear what your should do if you want to sign up for the newsletter. A site like this can put you at ease, you know they aren’t trying to deceive you because there is only one way to go. You literally cannot go the wrong way unless you click to go back in your browser. It’s essential for the user to feel confident that the button they are clicking will do what they think it will.

Without good design, your user’s experience will be hindered. They will have to wade through a series of poorly presented information to find what they actually want to see. Good design will expedite your user’s time spent on their task and encourage them to use that interface again.