May 25, 2017. Things were good. Then they got worse.

Everybody said that there would be rollercoaster days here, and today totally was one. I’m at home, “decompressing” now, and trying to process the day. I had started the day by watching all of the Wes Bos Videos. I felt pretty good about things then. Class was good. We had a pretty rad discussion about Flexbox in the morning, and worked through some challenges with Flexbox, and how the properties work. By then it was like 11am, maybe. And I was ready to tackle the day. Like, heck yeah, you got this Ethan. Like, literally an “on top of the world” feeling. Little did I know, things were about to get bad. It’s amazing how quickly your day can do that with coding. It can go from amazing, to devastating in literally a matter of minutes. So we did lunch. I watched Zoe smoke. Came back in, started on the afternoon assignment. Easy right? Nav Bar, no prob bob. Header, got it. Header content, piece of cake. “Oh no, what’s this? Like, 4 different divs with headers and text and logos inside and it just looks like spaghetti and no matter what it won’t line up on the left and when it does all my text turns into watermelons and I don’t even know what’s going on anymore.” That was 2:30. Okay, calm down. Go take a walk. Come back. “Oh crap, the watermelons are still there, wtf is even going on? where even am I?” That was like 3:30. Finally at 5:00, I decided to ask for help. Rob and Thomas and Zoe got me straightened out though. It’s amazing how complicated everything appears to be when you are in that state, but the solution is incredibly simple. Turns out, most of my problems could be solved with three simple words: “flex-flow: column”. Now I’m at home. It’s 6:53, and I’m committed to staying awake and making sure I understand this stuff before I go to sleep. Then, up at 5am tomorrow. But more on that later.