Why it’s better to date a woman in her 30s

Have you have heard of the phrase SYT or “Sweet Young Thing”? They tend to be girls who are in their 20s. Most guys may even prefer them because of their perfect skin, youth or cuteness. It’s a fantasy that most men, regardless of age, would have from time to time. But what lies beyond her pretty facade? Lack of life experience? Immaturity?

Women in their 30s, on the other hand:

1) Know how to treat their man well

- You don’t have to teach her make you happy

- She knows how to take care of her man

- She tends to be more independent

- Understands you and that you are your own man

2) Are sensually attractive

There’s a critical difference between a girl and a woman. A woman’s sensual attractiveness is more lasting and stronger. It’s like a comparison between grape juice (a girl) and wine (a woman). The grape juice might taste good at first, but it’s not something where you can savour and most probably get sick of the sweetness in time.

3) Give less drama

Life experience changes people. You sweat the small and petty stuff less. She knows there are more important things in her life. Her temperament is more controlled than when she was younger. At the very least, she’ll ponder over it and apologise if necessary. You can expect an equal than a princess to take care of.

4) Are more open minded and secure

- She is not as afraid of intimacy as compared to younger girls

- She doesn’t blow up over little things like when you talking to a lady colleague

- She knows what you need at what time; A listening ear when your bosses nags you; Accepts you when you disagree with your family

5) Actually add value to your life

- She can offer advice or suggestions which younger girls can’t.

- She is able to motivate you

- She is able to give you emotional and moral support

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