Remove Duplicate Photos in Mac

Everyone struggle with duplicate photos in Mac Photos library. When we capture photos from iPhone and transfer to the iPhoto (now become photos after updated) library, we find that many pictures which have similar identity or some time we click as cyber-shot functionality. This makes many copies of pictures.

We only need to use a single copy of images which has best click. Remain other images are waste for us and we need to delete them. So choosing one by one image is not a good idea, it’s very time-consuming process and irritate to us.

The Best way to optimize disk space from similar pictures is that we can use some third party software that provide you search and scan all duplicate photos in Mac or iPhoto library too.
First of all we need to install that software from Mac app store. Download both as you suit freeware or shareware software according as per our requirement or need.

After that, you can easily scan your Mac drive or iPhoto (Photos) library for duplicate pictures. Need to check for software’s who offer duplicate photo finder Mac to remove duplicate photos in Mac drive

Duplicate Photo finder works for Mac to delete all exact match even similar pictures also. You can scan any external storage device or your Mac drive by folder wise as well.

Most of user faces these problem similar photos because sometime at outing, birthday party or marriage function we just click multiple copies of pictures and store them to many places in hard drive. Because we don’t want to lose photos, instead of want to safe them. After that many times you check your drive to find pictures, and then look many copies of a photo you stored on each drive or various folders too. The main problem is how to overcome that type of problem? So, best way is that you need to install duplicate photo fixer software to remove all duplicate or similar photos

Duplicate Photo Fixer:

Duplicate Photo fixer is helping to scan all your folders and drive in Mac System, to remove duplicate photos. First, one it freeware software you can easily use without paying any amount. But there is some limitation of this product as well. You only remove limited pictures which are duplicate or similar. For useful and more functionality you need to purchase it.

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro:

It’s paid software, to remove all duplicate photos in your Photos and Mac drive as well. The last time if you are using some software they offer different service like for the iPhoto(photos ) library need to install other software and as well as for Mac drive as well you can easily find duplicate photos with the help of this software

Using Duplicate Photo Fixer pro software you can scan both iPhoto library and Mac drive to clean your duplicate photos. Just use this software and save disk space from duplicate photos.

If you have not enough space in your device here is the tip for you. Don’t want to remove pictures then just remove thumbnail of these images you need to find folder of thumbnail and delete it.

Reference Duplicate Photo Finder Mac

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